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Finally a simple cowboy boot that fits in wherever I go...even in Chicago!

Lily, 23, Chicago

CITY Boots are a wardrobe staple and every woman should have them in their closet!

Amy, 27, Oklahoma City

I have over 25 pairs of cowboy boots but end up wearing my CITY Boots most of the time. SO COMFORTABLE! Plus they go with everything.

Jenny, 36, Texas

1 weekend, 3 outfits, 1 pair of CITY Boots. They are the MOST comfortable, functional and fashionable piece in my wardrobe.

Lindsay, 35, Miami, TX

I love the fact that I can have 2 pairs of CITY Boots for the price of one pair of "Custom" cowboy boots, but most importantly I don't have to sacrifice quality in the process"

Sarah, 45, Fort Worth, TX

I work in the ag industry and am a self proclaimed "Boot Addict". I love the comfort, quality and classic look of ALL of my CITY Boots. They have been worn daily and still look brand new after an airport shine. I can wear them for 12+ hours with no foot ache. I can wear with jeans or even for a dressier my wedding day! I can't wait for my next pair.

Nancy, 40 (looks like 30), Fort Worth

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