CITY Boots make top-shelf boots for the modern cowgirl, the city slicker, and everyone in between.

Feminine, Flattering Fit

CITY Boots are designed to match your stride at every single occasion. Designed with a flattering fit that elongates the leg, they’re casual and comfortable enough to throw on as a statement piece with your day-to-day workwear. They’re also polished enough to wear for special occasions like your wedding or the big game against long-time rivals.


Hand-crafted in Old Mexico by 4th generation family-owned factory.

Like an Old Friend

Here’s the thing about a good pair of boots — they’re like an old friend. When you pull your boots out of the closet, they smell familiar. You think of the nights on the dance floor, the football games, the weekends at the ranch, rodeo season, and those talks by the fire pit. They hold all of your memories over the years; they wrap around your foot like a hug. And here’s the other thing — it’s always a good time for old friends.

100 Years of Boot-making Tradition

And like any good friendship, our boots are built to last for years. We partner with a fourth generation family-owned factory in Old Mexico that has been making boots for almost 100 years. Our goal is to provide heirloom-quality products that can be handed down from generation to generation (just like the skills that go into making the boots).

Top Notch Customer Service, Really

Last thing, we really mean it about CITY Boots being like a friend. We make customer service our priority because we consider our customers long-time friends. So don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We’re here for you.


“There just wasn’t a boot out there for women that was considered professional looking, unless you had them custom made".

After college, Lizzy took a job in the corporate world, forcing her to trade her boots in for high heels. Even though many of the men would wear boots to work with their chinos or suits, Lizzy couldn’t find herself a pair that seemed office appropriate, at least not at an affordable price.

“There just wasn’t a boot out there for women that was considered professional looking, unless you had them custom made,” she says. “So what I decided was that I would try to make a pair for myself that others might be interested in too.”

She worked up a design, found the right bootmaker, and watched her perfect pair of cowboy boots come to fruition.

She officially launched her line in 2016, and it’s continued to grow ever since, attracting customers of all walks of life and lifestyle. “I’ve got people in New York who work trading desks who wear CITY Boots, multiple bankers, girls who race barrels, broadcasters, moms in the suburbs, college girls who wear them to games,” Lizzy says. And the list goes on and on.

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