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Growing up in Amarillo, boots were a family tradition for our founder, Lizzy. However, when she went off to college at SMU in Dallas, she noticed that her girlfriends from all over the country loved her boots but had no idea where to purchase or how to style them. 

After graduation, Lizzy traded in her boots for heels for a job in the oil and gas industry. Yet, she quickly realized that she needed more of a creative outlet and kept coming back to the opportunity that no one was designing cowboy boots for women in a fashion-forward yet approachable way.

In 2015, she left her corporate job behind determined to create the perfect cowboy boot for women. After lots of research, she worked up a design, found the right bootmaker, and brought her dream to life.

Since it’s conception, City Boots has attracted customers of all walks of life and lifestyles. Our dream is to make the cowboy boot a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Join us in celebrating adventure and embracing every moment of life.