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City Boots Founder Lizzy Chestnut & Dorothy Shain Scarves Founder

While in college at SMU in Dallas, TX I met a young whippersnapper of a girl with an energy for life, a passion for adventure and beauty that rivals movie stars' (inside and out of course). Being from South Carolina, Dorothy Shain epitomizes southern charm: so sweet she gets away with being sassy. And talented to boot!

I knew I needed to be her friend. 

Through the years, our friendship has grown and Dorothy has become a sounding board as we have both started our own ventures. When I decided to branch out beyond boots into other wearable art collections, Dorothy was a natural fit for the CITY Brand.

The artwork started as a brainstorm session on Texas icons via text message. My must-haves: the Palo Duro Canyon and yucca plants, an ode to my panhandle roots, and of course: bluebonnets, the official flower of Texas. Dorothy’s vision: longhorns and the Frio river, famous for it’s icy color. Though I hate to admit it, I’m thankful Dorothy nixed my taco idea...not to say I don’t love a good taco but I guess I’ll save it for a later collection.

The original art was created on paper using watercolors and turned into a pattern by the talented Lindsay Gill of LR Star Studios (another artist I would love to work with in the future). Which was then printed on 100% silk scarves making it that much easier to take a little piece of Texas with you from farm to fête.

Shop Dorothy Shain Scarves on CITY Boots

Dorothy's ability to inspire and be inspired is amazing and something worth following. Do that here or visit her website to buy some incredible art. 

Want to invest in a timeless piece of Texas? Our collaboration is available now: shop here.

As always thanks for taking the time to explore our site and let me know if you have any questions.

In Boots,


Shop Dorothy Shain Scarves on CITY Boots

Shop Dorothy Shain Scarves on CITY Boots

Shop Dorothy Shain Scarves on CITY Boots




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