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CITY Boots Kids: We Asked The Kids So You Don't Have To




At City Boots, we thrive on customer feedback. Whether it's through Instagram comments, online reviews, or in-store encounters, your opinions shape our products and experiences. However, when it came to launching City Boots Kids, we faced a unique challenge. How do we gather feedback from our pint-sized customers who might not be leaving reviews or comments online?

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We went straight to the source to get the lowdown from the kids themselves. Prepare to be educated, entertained and most likely persuaded to purchase CITY Boots Kids for your little one.


Introducing The Scarlett, our latest Cheek & Bone offering available within our kids collection. Modeled after our best-selling heart boot style, it's sure to turn heads. During our chat with Penelope, aged 4, she had an immediate reaction. "These look like something Taylor Swift would wear!" she exclaimed excitedly. Later, we discovered Penelope is the ultimate Swiftie and that her fifth birthday party will be appropriately themed after Taylor Swift. She went on to remark that these boots would match with ALL of Taylor's sparkly outfits and even her own birthday dress. Before we parted ways, she made sure to let me know, "I am telling my mom to buy these boots!" Penelope's mom: call us.

Lizzy Bentley
The Scarlett Kids Boot. 


Introducing The Maverick, a stylish brown boot crafted for everyday exploration. Whether it's backyard play or neighborhood adventures, these boots are up for whatever your cowboy will get into. Wilder, aged 5, told us he would definitely wear them to the rodeo. He then gave us this great reminder: "Even if they smell like horses and cows, you can always wipe them off so you can still see all the cool parts of them." Very true, Wilder! Our kids' boots can easily be cleaned off with a warm wet rag and some light soap.

We've always said you can do anything in your CITY Boots, and the same goes for CITY Boots Kids. Five-year-old Henry told us matter-of-factly, "I could ride a bull in these on my ranch." For Henry's mom's sake, we hope this isn't the case, but we can vouch that these boots can withstand most anything your kids might take an interest in. 

Lizzy Bentley
The Maverick Kids Boot. 


Last but not least, we have The Rebecca, a boot curated for little cowgirls' everyday wear, playful dress-up occasions, and everything in between. Five-year-old Poppy loved the metallic gold hearts and said her mom would really love to wear them. Luckily, the perfect mother-daughter matching moment can be made possible with The Bone and Gold Heart Boot and The Rebecca!

Camden, aged 4, said, "They feel really smooth and they smell good." Camden might have a future in the boot industry because he noticed the smell of high-quality leather. We spent quite some time sourcing the leather for this project, ensuring it was of high quality and durable enough for wear and play.

Lizzy Bentley
The Rebecca Kids Boot.