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This all-new collection of CITY Boots boasts striking yet subtle earth tones, 16-inch tops, and soft suede from top to toe.

When designer Lizzy Chesnut Bentley introduced the Amarillo to the CITY Boots Standard collection, she wasn’t sure how it would be received. But the off-white 16-inch boot with a suede toe is now a CITY Boots bestseller. So, for Fall 2020, Lizzy decided to take it one step further. Keeping the 16-inch silhouette and carrying the suede from toe to top, she’s mixed up three more versatile neutrals in black, brown, and grey. 

The Name 

Lizzy decided to name the all-suede collection for the city that inspired her to put down new roots: Fort Worth, Texas. “When we decided to open our first storefront, Fort Worth seemed like a no-brainer,” she says. “Fort Worth is very Western — it has a rich cowboy culture and reverence for Western tradition. But it’s also such a big, social city with style and class. It’s the perfect fit for CITY Boots.”

The Boots 

First up is a staple every girl needs: the North Side — which is also the historic district of Fort Worth where CITY Boots has set up shop. The North Side is a classic black boot made unique with delicate blue and green stitching. “I love this boot because of the stitch detail,” Lizzy says. “You can really play up the pop of color. At the same time, it’s subtle enough that you can still wear this boot with anything.”


The Montgomery is Lizzy’s personal favorite. “The walnut brown turned out exactly how I envisioned,” she says. “It really goes with anything and everything. Plus, it’s a very classic western color.”


Then there’s the Vickery in the perfect shade of grey. “I’ve always felt that grey is such an underutilized neutral,” Lizzy says. With the color standing out on its own, she made the stitching to match. “This boot is eye-catching and understated at the same time.”

The Fort Worth collection is now available for pre-order for late October delivery, and the boots fit true to size in typical CITY Boots fashion. 
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