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Since its conception, City Boots has attracted customers of all walks of life and lifestyles. Our dream is to make the cowboy boot a staple in every woman's wardrobe. We love to highlight inspiring women, who celebrate adventure and embrace every moment of life.

Meet Jane Winchester Paradis, Founder of Jane Win Jewelry. Jane has successfully built a jewelry business (a favorite of Team City Boots!) and has a fascinating story. Take a walk in her boots with our interview with Jane below and make sure to sign-up here for an exclusive Jane Win Jewelry discount just for the City Boots community.

Jane, tell us about why you started Jane Win Jewelry and what makes your designs special…

HI! Thanks for interviewing me, I am the BIGGEST fan of your boots. I say all the time I want to be buried in my heart city boots - I adore them. They are ME! Thank you for making such cool things. 

OK…so onto the interview. 

I started Jane Win for a few reasons. I’ll break it down for you...
  1. I love jewelry. An abnormal amount. 
  2. I knew that I could make something that connects with people. I wanted to make special somethings that you held onto in a time of need, that reminded you of someone you love, that took you to a time in your life of joy. 
  3. I wanted to build something from scratch. I have been in fashion for 20+ years. My kids were getting older and I wanted to leave the corporate job and build something block by block, have them be a part of me doing it (all the kids have helped along the way)...I wanted people to know it can be done. 

What makes them so special? I honestly can’t take the credit. It’s the connection. We make pieces that are gifted for milestone moments…so I created the pieces with the meaning…but it’s the wearer that adds the value - it’s her memory or moment that makes the piece treasured.

Jane Winchester Paradis in her City Boots 
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From following you on Instagram, you absolutely know how to celebrate and embrace every moment of life. What life moments and achievements are you most proud of?

Ha! I do tend to lead towards the more ‘enthusiastic’. My Dad always told me that I wake up smiling…so optimism is a real part of my life. What am I most proud of? I would say being a Mom is always my number one. I mess things up on a weekly basis but my family is everything to me. It sounds funny, but getting divorced is a moment I am proud of…I was taken off guard, I had to start from scratch, I had to build my life back from getting totally knocked over and - I did. And I built it the way I wanted it. I remarried and have a family of 7. I look back and I am so happy everything happened the way it did, and I know I put so much work into making my own luck. Most recently I would say building the team at Jane Win feels like a great accomplishment - I adore the people I work with and we are building something together. It’s FUN and rewarding…and just like being featured on your site  it feels like we are creating a larger #girlgang. 

How do you like to style your City Boots?

I am a dress girl so I always wear my boots with a midi-dress or skirt, usually printed. I have the brown boots with cream hearts (and monogram on the side!) and they literally go with everything. 

What’s the most unusual place you’ve worn your boots? 

Ha! I have actually never worn them to anything western - I wear them to work every day, brunch on weekends - cocktails parties in philadelphia! I leave for Paris on Thursday and they are already packed. There is no place I would NOT wear my favorite boots!

We LOVE that you love to travel. Where are your favorite destinations, and what adventures do you have coming up next?

I am traveling so much right now my closet feels like a revolving door of packing/unpacking. Three weeks ago I was in Palm Beach - which I love. I’ve spent so much time there because of my time at Lilly Pulitzer, so I have my favorite restaurants I have to go back to (renato’s!). Two weeks ago I was in Captiva and fell in love with the west coast of Florida, so calm. Be sure to hit The Mucky Duck for sunset and The Bubble Room just for a piece of cake. Last weekend I was in LA! I drove up the scenic Highway 1 from LA to Montecito for a trunk show at Goop. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Book a trip immediately and if you happen to have won the lottery lately, make sure you stay at the Rosewood Miramar. I leave for Paris on Thursday…we are going to a fun champagne tasting in a wine cellar and to the moulin rouge burlesque show. FUN. As soon as I am back from Paris I head to Austin to see my BFF. The boots are coming with me everywhere. PS: they were popular in LA - you have a market there!


We love JANE WIN… you’ll love them, too. They’re giving the City Boots community 20% off their next purchase if you sign-up for emails here before Friday, March 4th. 

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