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The Trailblazer Times: Claire Kittle

While every NFL season is entertaining, the 2023 season was eye catching in its own way. This season was all about the women behind the players. From Taylor Swift at Chief's games, to Kristin Juszczyk's amazing game day DIY's and so much more. One of our favorite women in the league is Claire Kittle, wife of 49er's tight-end George Kittle. She truly sets the bar for what a support system should look like, hardly ever missing a game, and regularly turns Levi's stadium into her own personal runway with her game day looks. Lizzy had the privilege of joining the Kittle crew for a game in Santa Clara this Fall, where she was able to sit down with Claire and talk all things football and fashion. The 49ers are currently favored to make it all the way to Super Bowl LVIII, and the road continues tonight as they face he Packers at home. We'll be rooting for George Kittle and the rest of Niner gang, while keeping an eye out for another one of Claire's amazing looks. 

Claire wears the Bone and Gold Bolt. 

"People always try to put you into a box, don’t let them. "


What is your favorite fashion trend you saw in the 2023 season?

I really love seeing all the looks women create for football games! The climates are so different in each stadium, so it allows for very diverse looks across the league. But I loved the tights with a skirt and boot trend. It’s timeless, comfortable and looks good on everyone.

What is one thing people may not know about life in the NFL?

There’s A LOT I think people don’t know and that leads to judgement from some fans. I have been a NFL football fan my whole life and there’s so much I’ve learned about day to day life now that we’re in it that I had absolutely no idea about before! I would say give these guys the benefit of the doubt and trust that they are going out there every day giving their absolute best to provide for their family and take advantage of this small window of opportunity. Trust me they want to win more than you do! 

"A good pair of boots ties everything together."

When it comes to my game day looks, sometimes it’s planned, sometimes it’s throwing a look together the night before! I love searching for anything red and gold I can find in the offseason and pairing vintage pieces with something crazy and brand new. 

Lizzy joined Claire for a 49ers game this Fall. 

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

10 years ago I was a Sophomore in college, first I would tell myself that I’m proud of her strength and perseverance and I would remind her that she has a good head on her shoulders. My advice to her would be to never apologize for being authentically herself. People always try to put you into a box, don’t let them.

You're a part of such a spirited NFL fanbase, what is your favorite thing about the Niner gang?

For the last few seasons, I’ve had the privilege to travel to each away game and the amount of Niner fans that travel every single week is truly unbelievable. They make it feel like a home game no matter what state we’re in and that’s something rare and special.

What is one thing you didn't expect about life in the public eye?

Complete strangers coming up to me telling me my life story, LOL! But this football life is a blessing and there’s nothing I would change about it. 

Claire wears the Bone and Gold Lightning Boot. 

Where are your favorite places to shop, and source looks for game day style?

I really don’t have a one stop shop! I love sourcing vintage pieces off Etsy or from resellers. Akira has been my go-to for crazy funky boots and pants etc. I like to see what finds me! ;)