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Personalized Straps Made to Order

Pull yourself up by your customized CITY Boots bootstraps! Use your initials (or the initials of someone you love) to set your cowboy boots apart with an understated touch. 

You are able to purchase 1 Set (2 straps) or 2 Sets (4 straps). These straps can replace any plain strap already on the boot! 
The diamonds on the top and bottom of the example straps is a CITY Boots signature and will come on every personalized strap! Choose between initials or words (5 letters MAX), dates (01.01.23)OR a symbol from our our list (SYMBOLS CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH LETTERS OR NUMBERS ON THE SAME STRAP).
The timeline for personalized straps is 2 1/2-3 months. Once received by us we will ship directly to you! Any local cobbler or shoe hospital in your town can attach them. We also provide a list of places in cities around Texas!

For an additional charge:
To have CITY Boots attach them for you - there is an additional charge of $50 per set.
You can email us at or call/text 817-688-9691 for all inquiries!
**If you order your boots and straps at the same time and would like us to hold your boots until your straps arrive, in order to attach them, please make note in the options below**

 You can email us at or call/text 817-688-9691 for all inquiries!

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