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Farewell Houston

On April 25th a group of women gathered in the CITY Boots Houston store to ask the famous question: “How’d She Do That?”. What ensued was an evening of listening and learning from the How’d She Do That podcast creator Emily Landers and a panel of inspiring, influential and game changing women. Carrie Colbert of Curate Capital, Lindsey Leigh of Lindsey Leigh Jewelry, and our very own founder & CEO Lizzy Bentley brought together a room of women to share their stories of trials and triumphs in the world of business. 


This specific event was just one of many exciting get-togethers hosted at our Houston pop-up. The three months we spent within the community of the River Oaks District were some of the most memorable and special, filled with friends old and new. We had the pleasure of working alongside so many other strong female founded brands, welcoming them into our space and collaborating on all kinds of different shopping experiences.


Rewinding back to the very beginning, the store itself would have never been what it was without Lauren Wills Grover of Wills Design Associates. She really took Lizzy’s elevated ranch house vision and surpassed all expectations. Between sourcing the very best vintage from Round Top, to incorporating art from Houston’s own Sandal Gap Studio, Wills Grover curated a comfortable space that combined our brand identity with a distinct South Texas footprint. 

Inside CITY Boots Houston Pop Up
Photo Credit: Jordan Geibel​​
inside CITY Boots Houston showroom

This comfortable, inviting environment provided the perfect backdrop for all kinds of different events spearheaded by strong women. From a Cinco de Mayo party with neighboring brands Francis Valentine and Lele Sadoughi,  to Mother’s Day shopping with Lily Barfield of Lily’s Vintage Finds, there was no shortage of excitement within the doors of our Houston store.

The women we’ve mentioned are just a few phenomenal examples of hard work and dedication to your passions. These are the individuals we want to read about, want to listen to, and want to pin on our “Goals” board. These women are developing what other women want, and truly embodying the phrase “by women, for women”.  We kick up our boots and applaud these chance takers and trailblazers. 


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